Case Studies

pk10赛车开奖直播视频Browse our extensive library of case studies documenting some of our most impressive prototype and low-volume production projects. Sort them by process used or industry.

Axle Prototype

From design to finished part, we delivered this entire truck axle assembly in just 10 weeks.

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Minivan Table Prototype

pk10赛车开奖直播视频Our minivan table prototype achieved finished-product quality and appearance and met a tight delivery date to assure production launch.

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Automotive Frame Assemblies

Following the production build sequence, we made these 130-part frame prototypes in 15 weeks.

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Military Vehicle Retrofits

We fabricated and assembled 200 weapons mount assemblies used to retrofit military vehicles.

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Refrigerator Door Prototypes

In eight weeks, we created 250 stainless steel refrigerator door prototypes with Class A finishes.

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Mower Deck Prototype

pk10赛车开奖直播视频Our steel stamped prototyping process helped perfect the performance of this mulching mower.

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Boat Dashboard Production

Contracted for prototyping and production, we made prototype dies from tool steel to last.

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Portable Grill Prototype

Our quick grill prototype for a trade show helped accelerate the product’s production schedule.

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Turf Box Production

pk10赛车开奖直播视频To make this 92,000-square-foot turf system, we laser cut 1 million pounds of steel.

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